About Jen

Each one of us has chapters in our life that we want to celebrate and bring joy to us. We also have other chapters that we would rather close the book on, forget about and carry on. Those harder chapters are the ones that often keep us stuck in the same spot, with the same feelings, over and over. It’s not until we can go back and reread those chapters looking at the whole book, not just the individual chapters, that we start to learn the harder parts are a key part of what makes the book complete and unique.  All the chapters together make the book what it is.

The best part is that we are constantly writing new chapters. The one you may be feeling stuck in right now won’t last forever. If you keep reading and keep writing new chapters, your best story will start to unfold within the pages and you can create your best life.

Hello and welcome. I’m Jen and like you, I have many chapters in my life like the ones described above. These experiences, along with working on my own healing journey through therapy, ultimately led me to find my true passion and redirect my career from working in the health care sector to becoming a therapeutic counsellor and helping others on their healing journey.

I just want to take this moment to thank you for being here. For having the strength, courage and curiosity to reach out and examine your life and experiences. In our work together, all chapters of your life and all the different parts of you are welcome. We explore the past for understanding and together help you explore new ways to write a new, more positive story for you moving forward. But first, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you where you are, hear your story and together explore if I would be the right person to come on this journey with you.

- Jen