About me:

A Little informal information about me :

Training and education:

I am a trained professional Counsellor and Life Coach with a very eclectic and multifaceted education and training history. I have worked as a Counsellor and provided Life Coaching for Couples and Individuals for 20 years now.

I have received training from Vancouver Community College, Douglass College, Gottman marital therapy program.,Hakomi Education Network, Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, Private work with some of the pioneers in working with trauma and ptsd, Ongoing  training from the International Coaches Federation. Plus endless books, workbooks, personal research, work and growth and the experience gained from thousands of client hours over 20 years in the field.

I am a specialist in dealing with anxiety, panic disorder and related conditions and have worked with Fraser Health on outreach programs for agoraphobic clients and clients who suffer from debilitating anxiety.

I have always had an avid interest in psychology and have known for almost all my life I wanted to work in the psychology field.

I love working with and helping all types of people and feel it has enriched my life exponentially.

I have led an interesting and eclectic life over 50 or so years. This enables me to see things from many different perspectives and to provide insight that academic training alone cannot provide.

Personal information:

I have the most amazing partner to share this wonderful world with, to laugh with, to heal with, to adventure with, to love and grow old together. I am a very lucky guy!

I am a father of four amazing boys – 2  grown adults and two younger step kids who keep me quite busy and show me so much love.

I have worked for myself since the age of 13.

I have worked as a nanny as well as having my own daycare specializing in the care of babies.

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks and depression for the bulk of my life.

I am a lifelong learner, reader and information gatherer.

I have an active interest in nutrition and fitness.

I have lived in England ,The Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island

I am a musician, I have played guitar and drums in rock bands as well as owning my own recording studio and recorded two albums of my own.

I am a trained mechanic and restore british sports cars and motorcycles and am an avid motorcycle and sports car enthusiast.

I am a reluctant jogger

I am estranged from my biological family and have chosen a new family from amazing friends.

I have a very well developed femine side.

I cannot spell and “suffer” from dyslexia…. I have lrned ot leiv with ti.

I am an adventure seeker and enjoy trying new things and gaining new experiences. I will try pretty much anything…at least once. …this has got me into a lot of trouble, but a lot of fun too.

I have an affinity for bunnies, Winnie the Pooh and Minions. The later I cannot explain except they make me smile.

I enjoy good movies especially mysteries and ones about time travel.

I have chronic muscle pain but don’t let it slow me down at all. I probably should, but that would be boring.

I have made pretty much every mistake one can make in life, but have learned a great deal from every one.

I am pretty darn happy most of the time and enjoy life immensely.