Fees & Payments

Individual Counselling Session Fees

  • $95 for a 60 minute session
  • $165 for a 120 minute session
  • $350 for a 4 hour intensive session

Couples Counselling Session Fees

  • $105 for a 60 minute session
  • $185for a 120 minute session
  • $380 for a 4 hour intensive session

Life Coaching Fees

  • Pay as you go $125 for 75minutes
  • Packages available from $650-$7500

Payment methods accepted

All counselling sessions are to be paid in full at each appointment. Sessions longer than 2 hours must be prepaid.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa / Mastercard / American Express
  • Online Payment
  • E-transfer
  • Interac Flash

Online Payments can be made anytime. I send you an invoice via email and you can just click the link and pay securely with your major credit card.

Insurance Coverage for Individual and Couples Counselling Sessions

Partial or complete financial coverage may be available through extended health benefits that cover counselling from a Registered Professional Counsellor. I belong to the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (RTC). Please check your extended benefits plan for details of applicable coverage.

Clients are expected to pay for sessions themselves and then submit receipts for reimbursement. It is the client’s responsibility to verify reimbursement.

Short-Notice Cancellation Fee

Appointment cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will be subject to a fee of half (½) of the total session charge. This charge may be waived if we can move your appointment to another time in the same week.

Counselling Session No-Show Fee

If you do not show up for a scheduled counselling session (that you hadn’t canceled) or if you cancel on the same day as your appointment time you will be charged the full fee for the session.