Are you ready to invest in Yourself, Your Life & Your Relationships?

Individual Counselling

$95 per hour
  • Working with Clients my main core belief is that people who come to me are not "broken" and in need of "fixing". I prefer to see individual counselling as a collaborative effort to help you understand and heal and grow as a person. I am honoured to help you with that journey.

    I work in a personal & non clinical way. The therapeutic counselling relationship with my clients is at the core of all the work I do. I use humour, compassion and sharing life experiences, coupled with challenging and “calling it like it is”.

Couples Counselling

$115 per hour
  • The principle goals of the Gottman Method of Marriage & Couples Counselling are to disarm conflicting verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect and affection, remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy in conflicting situations, and create a heightened sense of understanding within the context of the relationship.

    In my approach to Marriage Counselling, I combine both traditional therapy and the Gottman Institute based marital therapy.

Life Coaching

$95 per hour
  • Life Coaching combines a positive outlook, active listening, powerful questioning and an open mind. Challenging people to define and create their own happiness and success. My Life Coaching includes:
    • Evaluation questionnaires & worksheets.
    • Reading materials.
    • Exercises to help you define what you want to do, what you want to change and who you want to be and who you are.
    • You set goals so you know what direction you are heading. Most importantly it helps you to figure out how to get there!