Gottman Marital Therapy

The principal goals of the Gottman Method of Marriage & Couples Counselling are:

  • Disarm conflicting verbal communication
  • Increase intimacy, respect and affection
  • Remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy in conflicting situations
  • Create a heightened sense of understanding within the context of the relationship.

Drs. John and Julie Gottman developed nine components of healthy relationships, known as the Sound Relationship House.

These include:

  1. Trust
  2. Managing conflict and improving communication
  3. Turning towards (as opposed to turning away from) each other
  4. The positive perspective (seeing your partner as a friend, not an adversary)
  5. Sharing fondness and admiration
  6. Making life dreams come true
  7. Creating shared meaning
  8. Building love maps
  9. Commitment

After 25 years providing marriage and relationship counselling I feel I have a clear idea how to help couples understand and navigate the difficult process of reaching out for help with their relationship.

Together we will work from a very practical perspective using many different tools, techniques, handouts, information, homework and ideas, to help facilitate positive change.

I "call it like I see it" in my sessions and am honest and straightforward in my approach. I believe that when coming to counselling, you deserve the truth; deserve to get the most you can for your time, your money and your relationship.


This program is designed to get the most out of our work together and provides complete and lasting positive change to all aspects of your relationship. I do firmly believe in the program and the process and find it to be the most effective way to help couples heal, grow and find   "Love Respect and Kindness" in their relationships.

The process of Gottman Marital Therapy.

Session 1:

Initial 90 minute assessment couples session.

Cost $195

Between sessions 1 and 2-3:

Gottman Institute CONNECTtm Online questionnaire account is set up. (Questions answered at home online on your phone or computer). Results & treatment plan is sent to me from the Gottman Marital Therapy Institute.

Cost $50

Sessions 2 and 3:

Two 60 minute individual sessions - one for each partner in the relationship.

Cost $115/session

Session 4:

Results session: All the information I have gathered during the initial assessment session plus the two individual sessions and the results from the Gottman Connect questionnaire is shared and explained. Then a detailed relationship summary and treatment plan of action are also explained and discussed.​

All of the above information is then provided to you in paper form and is emailed to you.

This provides you with a clear picture of your unique relationship issues and what work we will be doing to improve your relationship.

Cost $135

Session 5 onwards:

Treatment sessions begin. (Typically 5-10 additional sessions).

Cost $135/session

Total Investment in your relationship: $1285- $1960 depending on the number of sessions.

Once treatment is completed, a follow-up plan is established to help avoid relapsing into unhealthy patterns.

Gottman Relationship Checkup Approved Member